Ibuki to the Rescue Kit (A $52 Value)

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Ibuki to the Rescue Kit (A $52 Value)

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A three-piece set of must-haves for the busy beauty buff for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Don't let a busy schedule keep you from looking gorgeous. On-the-go during a busy work day, help visibly correct shine, dehydration and the look of day-worn stressed skin for a beautiful healthy appearance. Help keep young skin looking radiant, refreshed and well-rested even after a late night out with Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask. Day and night, use Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate to help strengthen skin to defend against environmental stressors and day-to-day damage.

This set includes:
  • Ibuki Quick Fix Mist 50mL 1.6 FL. OZ (Full Size)
  • Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 10mL .33 FL. OZ.
  • Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask 10mL NET WT. .35 OZ.
How to use:
  • Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate: Apply after cleansing and balancing skin as a boosting pre-treatment to defend against signs of visible aging and strengthen skin. Follow with targeted serum or moisturizer.
  • Ibuki Quick Fix Mist: hold the mist away from your face. Close your eyes and spray entire face 4-5 times. After spraying, the mist can be blended over the entire face with the fingertips.
  • Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask: Use at night just before going to bed. Spread gel mask onto face and leave on while you sleep for a radiant, fresh and well-rested look even after a late night out.
A $52 Value.

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