Skin Immunity. A New Approach to Beautiful Skin

After 20 years of research and with 32 patents worldwide*, Shiseido introduces Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, the first skincare product that directly targets Langerhans cells to enhance the power source behind skin immunity.

Ultimune helps to strengthen skin’s resistance against daily damage and signs of aging. Over time, skin looks smoother and more resilient.

For all women, all ages, all skin types.

*As of august 2014

How To Use

Apply twice daily, every morning and every night to elevate your skincare regimen.

Press the pump twice to dispense into the palm of your hand.

Using circular, upward motions, smooth the satin-like concentrate evenly over face to leave skin feeling soft and silky.

Make Your Skincare Regimen More Powerful

Ultimune works well with any skincare regimen. Use after your softening step and before any other serums to enhance the benefits of the following treatment.

  • Cleanse
  • Soften
  • Strengthen
  • Serum
  • Moisturize
  • Eye treatment

Find Your Ideal Skincare Regimen

Awards & Testimonials


  1. WWD Beauty Inc

    Product of the Year in the
    Prestige Skincare Category

  2. Vogue Japan

    Beauty Breakthrough

  3. Vogue Japan

    Best of Beauty
    in the Skincare Category

  4. Awards Around the World

    ["Elle (45 editions globally) — Best Innovation", "Self (China) — The Most Popular Essence", "Style (Singapore) — Best Beauty Buys 2014", "Grazia (Thailand) — Best New Skincare Treatment"]


  1. The Reviews Are In!

    97% of Ultimune users would recommend Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate to their friends*

    *based on 510 users of Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate surveyed on Facebook.

  2. I saw noticeable improvement after a few days.

    My face appears brighter and my acne scars and sun spots seem to be fading! My skin has never looked so good.

    Kathy S., Clifton Heights, PA

  3. I am in love with this product.

    My skin is feeling smoother and softer than ever.

    Sandra H., Henryville, IN

  4. Not greasy like other products.

    I love how my skin felt after using Ultimune. So soft and supple.

    Lisa J., Las Cruces, NM

  5. My skin felt much smoother and more radiant.

    I noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes after a couple of days of use.

    Jessica P., Morongo Valley, CA

  6. I was extremely satisfied with the results!

    Aging, fine lines, elasticity and dullness. My skin was refreshed looking and glowing after trying Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate.

    Michelle H., Connerville, IN

Immunity. For Strong, Beautiful Skin, Now and Over Time

Ultimune's effects have been proven by clinical tests. Skin with Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate shows an increase in multi-defensive power–the older the user, the higher skin’s defenses become.*

Noticeable Results

Experience a remarkable improvement in the appearance of your skin’s texture, tone, and contour from the moment you start using Ultimune.

*Tested on over 22 women, clinical test.
**Tested on over 200 women, self-evaluation.

Perfect Synthesis of Science and Nature

Shiseido breaks new ground in the science of beauty with Ultimune Complex™, which targets cells that regulate skin's immunity to activate multi-defense powers within your skin:

Power to RESIST external and internal aggressors Power to PROTECT skin's natural function barrier Power to REENERGIZE and optimize cell turnover Power to STRENGTHEN skin's anti-aging defenses

This exclusive technology is combined with a unique botanical blend of ginko, Japanese shiso, and aromatic thyme to protect, strengthen and maintain healthy-looking skin.

There's a Size that's Right for You

  • 75ml  –  $125

    Lasts for about 10 weeks.
    Great for the devoted enthusiast.

  • 50ml  –  $95

    Lasts for about 6 weeks.
    Great for the first-time user.

  • 30ml  –  $65

    Lasts for about 4 weeks.
    Great for on-the-go.

What is Skin Immunity?

Like your body, your skin has its own immune system. Skin immunity is the first defense against irritants like UV rays, air pollution and environmental stressors. Langerhans cells play a crucial role in skin immunity, triggering defenses against stressors to achieve skin’s highest beauty potential.

Why Boost your Skin's Immunity?

Factors like time, exposure and stress weaken the strength of your Langerhans cells, and skin becomes vulnerable to damage. When your skin immunity is in its optimal condition, the skin’s four natural defensive powers are at their best—to resist, protect, regenerate and strengthen.

Ultimune + Serum

Use Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate before your targeted serum to make your regimen more powerful.

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