Age-defying Regimen

Combining botanical extracts with revolutionary science, the FUTURE SOLUTION LX skincare collection represents the height of Shiseido's cutting-edge technology. Using FUTURE SOLUTION LX products together amplifies this ultimate, luxurious beauty system.

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Extra Rich Cleansing Foam

125mL $55

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Concentrated Balancing Softener

150mL $90

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Superior Radiance Serum

30mL $225

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Ultimate Regenerating Serum

30mL $225

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Total Protective Emulsion

75mL $240

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Total Protective Cream

50mL $240

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Total Regenerating Cream

50mL $260

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Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream

15mL $130

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Discovery Sets

Ultimate Discovery Set

  • Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 50mL
  • Concentrated Balancing Softener 75mL
  • Total Protective Cream 15mL
  • Total Regenerating Cream 15mL
  • Universal Defense SPF 50+ 15mL

$150.00 ($244.00 value)

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Perfect Your Complexion

The ultimate age-defying foundation steps, works in perfect synergy with the rest of the collection to create an exquisitely radiant finish.


primer / protect

Universal Defense Broad
Spectrum SPF 50+

50mL $90

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Total Radiance Foundation

Available in 11 Shades

30mL $85

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face powder

Total Radiance Loose Powder

10g $60

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Whole-Body Beauty

Complete the experience of total bliss with our rich and aromatic specialty products for more resilient skin from head to toe.


Total Regenerating Body Cream

A revitalizing body cream with a lavish, silky texture that improves skin quality. Skin becomes more radiant and resilient, and the luxurious fragrance completes the experience of total bliss.

200mL $130

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face, hands, body, hair

Replenishing Treatment Oil

A rich multi-benefit and multiuse treatment oil that deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, counteracting the appearance of future aging for skin that is visibly smooth, radiant and supple.

75mL $175

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Envelop Your Body in the Radiance of Oil

Blend the oil with liquid foundation, for dewy, moist finish.
*Use the foundation at once after mixing.

Add drops of oil to the bath for a luxurious, silkening soak.

Blend the oil with moisturizer for an exquisitely smooth texture and soft skin.
*Use the product immediately after mixing.

Massage the oil into hands, working from palm to cuticle, for a velvet touch.

Apply oil to the ends of your hair to make it glossy and soft.

Apply oil to wet skin after shower or bath for luxurious skin texture and relaxing fragrance.

Nature's Most Luxuriously Rich Oils

FUTURE SOLUTION LX Replenishment Treatment Oil provides powerful nutrients and moisture, leaving skin and hair visibly smooth and radiant. Infused with Japanese yuzu, prized in Japan for its aromachology benefits, it soothes and calms the senses.

Japanese Yuzu Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Safflower Oil

Jojoba Oil

Macadamia Oil

Argan Oil
Intense Hydration

Experience the ultimate
beauty system with Shiseido's
YUTAKA treatment.

In Japanese, the word "Yutaka" signifies richness and abundance. It is the philosophy behind the luxurious textures and extraordinary innovation of FUTURE SOLUTION LX.

Our exclusive facial massage intensifies the benefits of FUTURE SOLUTION LX products to reveal your most radiant, luminous skin.

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The Philosophy of

Shiseido introduced the FUTURE SOLUTION LX innovation in 2009. This exclusive premium skincare line breathes new life into your skin by combining the best of ancient Japanese practices with the latest technology. What does that mean for you? Luxurious texture that melts into your skin, a calming, discreet fragrance and impeccable attention to the details.

A Collaboration Between Science & Nature

Shiseido has pioneered the discovery of a major contributor to skin aging, protein Serpin b3. To defend skin, we've created Skingenecell 1P to help preserve age-defending benefits. This core of FUTURE SOLUTION LX immediately works to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, bringing a more radiant and refreshed glow to your skin.

Premium Sansho


Star Fruit


Premium Uji Green
Tea Extract


Super Yeast


Sakura Leaf


Angelica Root


Premium Sansho Extract: This extract is known for providing powerful protection to the skin.

Star Fruit Extract: High in vitamin C and antioxidants, this extract is known to improve skin's texture.

Premium Uji Green Tea Extract: This extract works in tandem with Skingenecell 1P to promote the Daytime Defense Factor gene.

Super Yeast Extract: This extract is a powerful moisturizer that is known to help reduce the signs of aging.

Sakura Leaf Extract: Sakura leaves are known to give skin a supple and youthful appearance.

Angelica Root Extract: Angelica root extract is said to help accelerate cell turnover.


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