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Farmer Grown, Scientist Refined, honestly Created

Honest skincare brings locally sourced Japanese super ingredients from the farm to your face. Authentic Japanese botanicals encourage beautifully healthy skin free from concerns.

With the combined power of science and nature, WASO is able to create exciting, clean, and sustainable products that work effectively to fundamentally improve skin’s condition and bring out honest, natural beauty in everyone.

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We believe in connecting every step of the skincare making process from beginning to end. Working directly with farmers from various regions of Japan, rather than conventional large-scale suppliers, allows us to ensure the traceability, freshness, and potency of our ingredients, while supporting local economies. The power in each of these locally sourced ingredients is then harnessed by our Shiseido scientists to create nutrient-rich skincare with proven clinical efficacy to address a new generation of skin concerns.

Super Ingredients

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our local Japanese ingredients.


Waso Lineup
Barrier Balance: SHIKULIME
Shikuwasa in WASO

Through our extensive research, we’ve found that Shikuwasa can be an incredibly beneficial component of skincare and provide numerous benefits such as supporting skin barrier functions and moisturizing young skin*. In addition, its peel extract is high in polyphenols (flavonoids) and has positive effects on the skin as well as other parts of the body.

*In vitro testing.

Moisture Charge: YUZU-C
Yuzu in WASO

WASO YUZU-C collection uses "Yuzu-Complex" to help maintain skin's moisture levels*.

This complex contains fruit extract from Yuzu cultivated in the sunny coastal hills of Nakayama, Kochi, as well as Yuzu seed extract which helps maintain skin’s moisture levels*.

*In vitro testing.

Satokibi in WASO

Using the combined power of nature and science, Shiseido has incorporated sugarcane extract (Satokibi in Japanese) into its formula to help target the skincare concerns of a new generation. The WASO SATOCANE pore care collection contains Satokibi extract to help with the prevention of sebum buildup which can be a major cause of clogged pores*.

*In vitro testing.

Koshihikari Rice in WASO

Through its research, Shiseido discovered that Koshihikari rice extract offers antioxidant benefits.

The WASO KOSHIRICE features this extract to help prevent excess oil, a major cause of outbreaks, and help soothe the skin.

The enzymes used to draw out Koshihikari’s antioxidant-rich* rice extract are all plant derived.

*In vitro testing.


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Our Promise


WASO’s exciting, clean, and sustainably packaged products improve skin’s condition, feel amazing, and are beautifully textured to bring out the natural beauty in everyone, while helping support a sustainable future.

Our Promise to Skin

We strive to make our products WASO clean, which is why we say no to unwanted ingredients. WASO is about fundamentals, focusing on maximizing the benefits of what’s proven to work and leaving out what’s unnecessary.

Our Promise to Nature

We prioritize recycling and upcycling to minimize waste. For example, we use upcycled water from apple juice production to reduce our overall water consumption.

Our Promise to People

We work together with farmers to help revitalize local economies.

Our Honesty Policies
Clean Formula

WASO Clean means that we exclude the unwanted and maximize what’s proven to be good for skin and the environment.

Excluding the UNWANTED & Maximizing the GOOD

Each ingredient in our formulas has gone through our rigorous and strict WASO “CLEAN 5” check to make sure that only the best ingredients are used.

WASO “CLEAN 5” Check

A strict examination system based on five safety criteria: purity, origins, allergenicity, toxicity, and environment.

Only Scented by Botanical Extracts

The WASO lineup is scented only by the botanical extracts used in our formulas to bring nature’s benefits to your skin.

Clinical Efficacy

The skin efficacy of our products is clinically proven by in-house and third-party labs, showing significant and visible improvement in skin concerns after testing.

Food Grade Raw Materials

Our Yuzu, Shikuwasa Lime, Satokibi Satocane, and Koshihikari Rice are Japanese ingredients that comply with food-grade level standards.


Our products do not use any animal-derived ingredients and are in line with Shiseido’s animal welfare policy.

Giving Back

By working with local farmers we hope to contribute to and support the livelihoods of Shikuwasa farmers as well as help the Shikuwasa region grow. Our key ingredients are also 100% traceable. We are able to track our full production cycle of Yuzu, Shikuwasa, Satokibi, and Koshihikari.

Water Saving Formula*

We’ve managed to help reduce the amount of water used in production by recycling water from apple juice distillation back into our production chain.


Pushing for sustainability, our packaging features 95% recycled plastic for its outer jar.


We believe in the power of transformation; therefore, the outer cap of our sustainable packaging is made with 30% upcycled rice husk.


The use of a refill jar reduces plastic use by 89% compared with purchasing a new jar**.

*Using upcycled apple water except for Calming Spot Treatment.
**Calculated by weight of plastic saved by not purchasing a new jar.

Our Sustainable Package Story
We’ve worked diligently to make sure that every material used in our packaging is selected consciously and with sustainability in mind.


Outer caps made from 30% rice husk

Through our extensive research, we found that normally discarded rice husks can be reused as a vegetal material and substituted for plastic in our caps.

95% recycled plastic for outer jar

In order to reduce the plastic usage, WASO’s outer jars are made using 95% recycled plastic.

10% plant derived plastic elements for tube

The use of sugarcane-derived polyethylene, produced from discarded sugarcane molasses, avoids plastic production competition with ford production and emits less C02 during the manufacturing and disposal stages.

Our Water Saving Formula

As we considered ways to make our production more sustainable, we looked at water usage as a starting point. Usually, when apple juice is made, the water that is left behind after the distillation and concentration process is mostly discarded. WASO has found an innovative way to upcycle this water through purification, done primarily in Aomori, Japan. Once purified, we can incorporate this water into our products to avoid the use of fresh and new water as much as possible. With our goal to reduce and reuse as much as possible in the production of WASO, we vow to use water as effectively and efficiently as possible*.

*Using upcycled apple water except for Calming Spot Treatment.


Beautiful Nature. Beautiful Skin.

WASO promotes clean beauty through ecologically enriching agriculture. This nature-driven skincare starts with SHIKUWASA, a citrus fruit celebrated for its health benefits. And now, we donate a portion of sales to provide seedlings through the WASO LOCAL REVITALIZATION PROJECT. It’s our love of nature that inspires beauty. Join us in protecting our environment.

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SHIKULIME Gel-to-Oil Cleanser, SHIKULIME Gel-to-Oil Cleanser,
SHIKULIME Gel-to-Oil Cleanser
Gel-to-oil cleanser & makeup remover
$28.00 now $28.00 ,
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YUZU-C Eye Awakening Essence, YUZU-C Eye Awakening Essence,
YUZU-C Eye Awakening Essence
Cooling eye gel with Vitamin C
$30.00 now $30.00 ,
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Last Chance

SHIKULIME Color Control Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30, SHIKULIME Color Control Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30,
SHIKULIME Color Control Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30
Oil-free tinted moisturizer SPF 30
$36.00 now $36.00 ,
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Last Chance

YUZU-C Glow-On Shot Serum, YUZU-C Glow-On Shot Serum,
YUZU-C Glow-On Shot Serum
Oil serum with Vitamin C
$45.00 now $45.00 ,
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YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask, YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask,
YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask
Brightening & hydrating sleeping face mask
$38.00 now $38.00 ,
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SATOCANE Pore Purifying Scrub Mask, SATOCANE Pore Purifying Scrub Mask,
SATOCANE Pore Purifying Scrub Mask
Purifying mineral clay face mask
$38.00 now $38.00 ,
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SHIKULIME Mega Hydrating Moisturizer, SHIKULIME Mega Hydrating Moisturizer,
SHIKULIME Mega Hydrating Moisturizer
48-hour hydration moisturizer
$36.00 now $36.00 ,
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KOSHIRICE Acne Calming Spot Treatment, KOSHIRICE Acne Calming Spot Treatment,
KOSHIRICE Acne Calming Spot Treatment
Gentle acne treatment with Salicylic Acid
$25.00 now $25.00 ,
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