Future Reflections

Future Reflections
At Miami Art Week

Experience Shiseido’s innovation since 1872 with generative digital artworks. Every unique piece featured below reflects a year of Shiseido’s commitment to art and science as embodied in our precious Future Solution LX skincare collection.
With soul, from Japan.


Art Activated

This exclusive series of collectible digital artwork, created in collaboration with renowned generative artists Robert Hodgin, Jen Stark, Kaoru Tanaka, and Hannah Yan, is available for personal collection.

The Artwork

Digital generative artwork in the collection is inspired by the theme of “Future Reflections,” which has activated creative juxtapositions of Shiseido’s innovation and legendary history, nature and science, Japanese ritual and modern beauty.

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      • Robert Hodgin

      Robert Hodgin, based in Brooklyn, is a generative artist who creates digital art inspired by natural phenomena exploring concepts around theoretical physics, astronomy, and flocking simulations. Hodgin’s work has been exhibited and collected amongst renowned institutions globally including the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum as their first code acquisition.

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    • Jen Stark
      • Jen Stark

      Jen Stark, a Los Angeles-based visual artist, transforms complex ideas about fractals, evolution, color theory, topography, sacred geometries, and patterns of the universe into approachable and engaging works of art. Drawing upon an ever-expanding use of material and technology, Stark allows her aesthetic to transcend all forms of media, ranging from paintings and sculptures, animations and installations, to interactive projections and NFTs.

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      • Kaoru Tanaka

      Kaoru Tanaka is a generative artist based in Japan who works with TouchDesigner. Her creations, inspired by her daily life, dreams, and fantasies, have been exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Nürnberg Neues Museum, MIT Engineering School, and Prada Extends TOKYO.

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      • Hannah Yan

      Hannah Yan, based in Brooklyn, is a generative artist and data scientist interested in the study and intersection of abstract art and creative code. Her meticulously crafted artwork transforms geometric art into complex and immersive visuals inspired by nature and cultural influences.

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    *All Future Reflections artworks have been collected. Stay tuned for more Shiseido generative art collections, news and product launches.


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    Why should I collect artwork from the Future Reflections collection?

    Collect to own a unique digital work from a leading generative artist, and to unlock potential benefits and rewards like free FUTURE SOLUTION LX products.

    What is Art Blocks Engine?

    Art Blocks Engine provides white-labeled generative minting technology to brands, organizations, and artists. Engine is owned by Art Blocks, an Ethereum-based platform dedicated to bringing compelling works of contemporary generative art to life.

    How do I collect a piece from the Future Reflections collection?

    Collecting is easy. Visit shiseidofuturereflections.com to learn more about our collaborating artists, click “Collect,” and connect your existing digital wallet or create one using your email address.

    What does it cost to collect a piece?

    There is no cost to collect a work of the Future Reflections collection.

    Where will my artwork be stored?

    Your unique Shiseido Future Reflections artwork will be stored in your digital wallet.



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